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The Mystery of a Special Container

James Barker
To see James Barker's most recent release, "Aegean Tribute", click here. "I like to work on a vessel; it's functional and symbolic. The work has an existence of its own," he says ... and rather eloquently he opens our eyes to the primordial allure of his bronze vessels. During the past decade, James has been developing what he terms Special Containers ~ Sculptural Vessels in clay and bronze.
   Concentrating exclusively now on bronze as his chosen medium, the sculptor's unique creations are gaining worldwide attention for their power, grace and elegance. With an extraordinary eye for detail and clearly a deep knowledge and reverence for nature, the artist is creating an astoundingly modern vision of our natural world. Collectors eagerly await James Barker's new works which include a series of figurative sculptures.
James Barker, The Gathering


James Barker, Aegean Tribute


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