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Charles Becker as an artist can clearly be seen and studied in the content of this online gallery. Another great opportunity is to get to know Charles Becker as a personality. This active, single father of four who resides in Northern California is truly a person anyone would enjoy to get to know. His lifestyle mirrors his work as he shows enthusiasm and passion in everything he says and does. Often he includes interesting details in his work, you just have to look closely to find all of the hidden treasures. One cannot appreciate the true conveyance of feeling in his work by just a mere glance.

 The more that is studied, the more that is revealed. This is the deeper meaning of Charles Becker. The following pages give a glimpse of how someone focuses their life on expressions of the senses in art. From the early days to the current, please enjoy getting to know this true artist better.  

His still life's transcend realism. He depicts everyday objects with an emotion and sensuality that makes them seem animated on the canvas, and his multi-dimensional compositions reveal new secrets at each viewing. With rich, luster-than-life colors, provocative interplays of light and perspective, and whimsical spirit of the trompe l'oeil, Charles Becker's paintings defy simple categorization. However, what is clear is that his expressions of "Magical realism" have captivated the public and have placed him in the upper echelon of the contemporary art scene.

Although Becker drew as a teenager, it wasn't until he happened to see a painting by Italian still-life master, Roberto Lupetti, that he was inspired to consider art as a possible career. As a result of the experience, Becker sought out the master (who happened to live nearby) and, under Lupetti's tutelage, created a solid foundation upon which to develop his own unique style. After going out on his own, Becker struggled for a few years --even taking other jobs to support a family--but he got a break when one of his paintings appeared on the cover of Southwest Art magazine. Since that time, Becker has achieved phenomenal success as both the demand for his work --and it's value--has soared.

In the past ten years, Becker has received both critical and popular acclaim. His work has been featured in Time, Sunstorm, Art & Antiques, Connoisseur, USA Today, Art News, U.S. Art, Advertising Age and many other publications. His paintings also have been featured in dozens of exhibitions throughout the U.S., as well as France, Japan, Sweden, and Hong Kong. In 1990, he was commissioned to paint four pieces for Absolut Vodka, as part of a highly-visible ad campaign which features a series of original works by important contemporary artists. Today, his works hang in many prestigious private and corporate collections.

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