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Featured Artists Available Books

"Romance on Canvas"
In "Romance on Canvas," Luongo uniquely blends the sensual with the cerebral, the simple with the sophisticated, as he evokes dramatic landscapes and spirited figurative paintings in a distinctly powerful impressionistic style. Though Luongo's is clearly influenced by such masters as Monet, Van Gough, and Toulouse-Lautrec, he infuses these styles with his own contemporary techniques to produce skillfully balanced and controlled works of art.
List Price: $79.95 

"Perceptions of Reality"
"Perceptions of Reality" The Paintings of Dario Campanile is a remarkable example of modern technology and the printer's and binder's craft. The book consists of ninety-six pages on fine paper and measures eleven and one-half inches wide by ten and one-quarter inches high. It is bound in high quality natural linen, with an inside ribbon marker, and is enclosed in the matching slipcase with a tipped-on cover image of the accompanying print.
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"Tarkay-Profile of an Artist"

Preface By Leonard Panar
Introduction By Victor Forbes & Renee St. John
160 Pages, Size 9.25" x 12.25"
Tarkay-Profile of an Artist was conceived and created to share with the public a further insight into who the man is. The book explores this both through an in-depth interview, photographs of the artist at work and full color reproductions of his paintings, watercolors and recent serigraphs.
List Price:
 Signed copies $425.00
                     Unsigned $ 225.00

Thomas McKnight
"A Vision Of Earthly Happiness"


Preface & Commentaries By
Thomas McKnight
Introduction By
Ronny Cohen
Subjects: Art, Long Island, The Mediterranean, Manhattan, Venice, Mykanos, New England, England, Across American, Europe, Fantasies, Etchings

List Price: $75.00
Thomas McKnight
"Windows On Paradise"


Preface & Commentaries By
Thomas McKnight
Introduction By
Anne Gottlieb
Forward By David Rogath
Subjects: Art, New England, Mykonos, Manhattan, Tropics, The Mediterranean, Across American, Venice, Florida

List Price: $75.00
Thomas McKnight
"Voyage To Paradise" A Visual Odyssey


Text By Anne Gottlieb
Forward By Thomas McKnight
Subjects: Art, A Visual Odyssey
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Binding: Hardbound
Publication date:1993
ISBN: 0-06-250807-5
List Price: $65.00

"The Art & Work of a Visionary"
Edited by Barbara 
T. Erskine and Roger Jellinek 
Introduction By Wyland
John Pitre "The Art & Work of a Visionary" was conceived and created to share with the public a further insite into who the man is. The book explores this both through an in-depth interview, photographs of the artist at work and full color reproductions of his paintings, watercolors and recent serigraphs.
SOLD List Price: $59.00 /  Signed copies $95.00 

"The Life and Works of James Coleman"
Text By Mark Doyle
Introduction By Kenny Loggins
"The Life & Work of James Coleman" takes you through the life of this incredible man and provides an intimate look into the mind and soul of a pure artist. What images did he experience as a youth that have enabled him to capture nature's deepest emotions? Why did he leave a successful career at Disney to pursue his own fine art. This book answers these questions and much more.
List Price: $59.95

"The Reality of a Dreamer"
"The Reality of a Dreamer".  A Beautiful hard cover, coffee table art book, "The Reality of a Dreamer Volume II is Filled with 50 color plates of exquisite original works of art from the palette of award winning, French Visionary artist Gil Bruvel. It is gold embossed slipcase will help you preserve the integrity of your acquisition. A select number of these are available as a Limited Edition. Each Limited Edition book is signed and numbered by the artist and is accompanied by a print of "Relative Time" and/or "Moonwalk", depicted below

"Relative Time"

List Price: $60.00

"The World of Guy Buffet"

Text by Ronn Ron Paintings
by Guy Buffet
"The World of Guy Buffet" is the first book to cover the full range of Buffet's work. It Features paintings from Hawaii and France, as well as other locations such as Tahiti and California. There is also a section devoted to the paintings and sculpture he created for the Bicentennial of the French Revolution in 1989.
List Price: $40.00

"The Art of Jim Warren, an American Original"


Text by Wyland
Paintings by Jim Warren
"The Art of Jim Warren" An American Original Is loaded with162 full-color paintings spanning over 30 years of Jim's Career. The Book Also includes A full Biography as well as photographs. There is a step-by-step demonstration if Jim Warren's techniques and Jim's "Beauty of Nature" series is unveiled. 
List Price: $49.95

"The Secret Path" 


n the Art Of Lassen The Secret Path, his first art book in nearly five years, Christian Riese Lassen takes us on his journey from realistic and romantic seascapes to his own abstract impressionism... from modernism to figurative...from whimsical pop art to majestic wildlife paintings. Here is the unabashed enthusiasm of a creative mind eager to see what's around the next bend, the artistic mastery that can transform light and shadow into new ways of looking at our world. 
List Price: $49.95 

"The Art of Lassen"

Text by Drew Kampion
Editing by Bob Hayes, Micheal Besson
Executive Publisher: Jona- Marie Price
"The Art of Lassen" is a comprehensive study of the important works of one of the great artists of our time- an artist who has dedicated himself to the realization of a magical vision of life on earth. This 182 paged book is filled with full color plates and is packed with information about Lassen and his life.
List Price: $39.95

"The Art of Christian Riese Lassen"


Published by Cedco Publishing
Images by Christian Riese Lassen
Cedco Publishing is proud to present the first book to feature the works of the world's most renowned marine artist: Christian Riese Lassen. From densely packed undersea reefs teaming with colorful marine life to lush green  Hawaiian landscapes, you will marvel at these striking personal vision of our beautiful planet. This book has 117 pages filled with Lassen's colorful art as well as an introduction describing Christian Riese Lassen career as an artist
List Price: $21.95

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