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After spending the first four years of his life in Sydney, Australia, Gil Bruvel and his family moved to the quaint village of Istres in the South of France. Here his parents, both accomplished pianists, nurtured the creative spark they recognized in their youngest son by providing formal drawing instruction at the age of nine. By the age of twelve he had produce his first oil painting and had manifested a growing obsession with what was to become his life's passion-the world of art.

In the classical tradition, at the age of fourteen, Bruvel began a rigorous apprenticeship at a restoration workshop. Under the instructor's   close supervision and guidance, Bruvel labored diligently to learn a wide spectrum of techniques and styles spanning the   15th through the 20th century. At the same time, he absorbed the history, architecture, culture, and literature of these times in order to restore great works of art. Through the training he received he developed the ability to produce traditional portraits, landscapes, still life’s, and nude studies.

In spite of exhausting hours of restoration and study, the budding artist managed to find time to develop his own imaginative painting style. At the age of sixteen, his first highly successful exhibit was staged at the Musee des Baux-de-Provenance in France.  Shortly thereafter, seeking to broaden his creative foundation, Bruvel immersed himself more deeply into his imagination, spending time studying cosmogony, mythology, astronomy, and ancient Sanskrit.

Over the next few years he continued to experiment with his art, strengthening his imagery and developing a creative vision that stretched objects beyond the boundaries of their natural form.

What evolved was a distinctive style, a style that he prefers   to   call 'visionary," reflecting a clear conscious state of mind, as opposed to "surrealistic," reflecting dream states.

Since his first solo exhibition in 1976, Bruvel has exhibited with overwhelming success throughout Western Europe, Japan, Singapore, Hungary, and the United States.

Today the artist is reaching out to a broader spectrum of society, sharing with the public his artistic concept and imperative to observe nature and probe beyond its apparent reality. However, what is most exciting is the anticipation of Bruvel's works to come.

Gil Bruvel, The Harp



Gil Bruvel, Earth Angel



Gil Bruvel, The Fight Inside


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