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"Perceptions of Reality"
The Paintings of Dario Campanile is a remarkable example of modern technology and the printer's and binder's craft. The book consists of ninety-six pages on fine paper and measures eleven and one-half inches wide by ten and one-quarter inches high. It is bound in high quality natural linen, with an inside ribbon marker, and is enclosed in the matching slipcase with a tipped-on cover image of the accompanying print.

Dario has chosen two paintings from this volume to make available as signed and numbered
limited edition prints. They are "Evolution of Psyche" and "The Conversation". Either subject, reproduced on canvas, may be chosen to accompany the signed and numbered book. For ordering information and to reserve your copy of the landmark Campanile limited edition book, and your preferred selection of either "The Conversation" or "Evolution of Psyche" print please call (800) 781-2787

This limited edition book is only available with the purchase of either of the two limited edition prints listed below or a Dario Campanile one of a kind Original

"Evolution of Psyche"
Campanile, Evolution of Psyche
"The Conversation"
Campanile, The Conversation

As noted in the book's introduction, "All of Dario's work is heartfelt, passionate, flawlessly executed in techniques inspired by art's great masters. The paintings are precisely real, yet surreal as dreamscapes. None of this is easy, yet it flows from a natural talent. Dario Campanile confided several years ago, 'My life feels like a dream to me. Now I feel ready to spiccare il volo, which in Italian means to take flight.' Indeed, through Campanile's art and within these paintings, all our hearts and minds are able to take flight." 
Each book is signed and numbered by Dario and features a linen hardcover and slip case. Two editions have been printed with cover art to math the selected print. For his first book, Dario Campanile has selected 25 paintings - a wide range of landscapes, figures studies, portraits and still life - all in the classical, often surrealistic style for which he is widely admired. The work is superbly reproduced and accompanied details, as well as the artist's commentary on his subject matter, artistic techniques, and remarkable life story.

Copyright 2003 Dario Campanile, All Rights Reserved.

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