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Frank Eliscu is the creator of the famous
"Heisman Trophy" and has made
numerous designs for Steuben Glass.

Frank Eliscu has executed a great many
architectural commissions, both public and private
including two National Monuments.
"Cascade of books" - Library of Congress, Washington DC
"Uncle Joe Cannon" - Washington DC

Frank Eliscu was born in New York City, July 13, 1912.
He attended The Beaux Arts Design, Pratt Institute.
Mr. Eliscu is the author of :
"Sculpture Techniques in Clay", 1959;
"Direct Wax Sculpture", 1969
"Slate and Soft Stone Sculpture", 1972

Mr. Eliscu is an academician of the National Academy of Design and is a past president of the National Sculpture Society.



Cascade of Books
Cascade of Books
Heisman Trohpy
Heisman Trophy

Other Works include:

  • Circus Figures- Ringling Museum, Sarasota, Fla., Pieta, Venice Fla.
  • The Society of Medallists 70th issue - The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
  • Horses - Bankers Trust Building, New York City(Heroic-size slate)
  • Point of Decision - Cornell Medical School
  • Saint Francis, Danial, Noah, To a Giraffe, Thumbelina, & Noah's Ark - Steuben Glass,
  • Chase of the Sea Urchin - Sarasota, Fla. 1980
  • Holocaust - Orlando, Fla. 1981
  • The Charger - Dallas, Texas

Eliscu's honors and awards:

  • Academician of the National Academy of Design
  • Recipient Edith S. Moore prize for sculpture, 1948
  • Memorial Architectural League, New York (V.P.. sculpture, silver medal 1958)
  • Library of Congress, Washington (Henry Hering award 1960)
  • A fellow of the National Sculpture Society, New York
  • Library of Congress, Washington (Bennet prize Nat. Sculpture Soc.)
  • Society Medallists, (Sea Treasures)
  • Herbert Adams Memorial Gold Metal

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