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Raised on a ranch in Southeastern Washington state, Michael Maiden grew up roaming river bottoms and ridge tops. As a youngster, he raised quarter horses as a member of 4-H and followed family traditions learning to hunt pheasant and quail, giving him early lessons about migratory birds. Eventually, Michael traded in the rifle for a color palette and modeling clay, turning his attention to learning and recording the life in the plains and mountains of his home.

At Central Washington State University, Michael earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in fine art and education in 1972. Upon graduation, he left for basic training in the Army National Guard. The discipline and leadership skills he learned from his exposure to military life have become an integral part of Michael. He returned to Washington state and taught art in the public school system while pursuing his interest for sculpting and bronze casting. 

In 1975, Michael resigned his teaching position and established The Maiden Foundry. Thanks to his sense of quality and quest for excellence, The Maiden Foundry is the most reputable fine art foundry in the world. Having spent the past twenty plus years intensely focused on art, Michaelís talent has emerged into a sculptor worthy of world wide recognition. He is continually in great demand for commissioned, one of a kind sculpture.

Whether the powerful flight of his ďTeam CommissaryĒ or the nurturing posture of a nesting parent, Michaelís American Eagles portray magnificence. He has so completely put the eagle before us, we canít help but recognize their prominence in our natural world. The sculptures are filled with Michael's abundant knowledge and artistic skills. They speak directly to the forces of nature and the art which shape them, displaying for our aesthetic appreciation an existence far more significant than routine survival. 

Each work is cast in solid bronze, faithful in design, form and intricate detail to its original sculpted model. Michael has enhanced the finish of his works by selectively applying color-rich patinas in distinct contrast to highly polished metal surfaces.   

Michaelís eagles are as impressive in art as they are in nature. Collectors and gallery owners acknowledge that they are among the finest available. His sculpture can be found in many museums and corporate collections around the world.

Michael Maiden, North by Northwest



Michael Maiden, Team Commissary



Michael Maiden, Sunday Post



Michael Maiden, Two O'clock Feeding


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