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Born 1942 and educated in the fine arts at the Art students League in New York city, John  Pitre evolved to become Americas leading surrealist any other artist.

Pitre gained extraordinary popularity during the 60s and 70s painting daring themes such as over population, the threat of drugs and the ecological deterioration of our planet well before they become the obvious problems of our times. His social commentary paintings are now considered twentieth century classics, sought after by prominent collectors world wide.

From his early days as an art student Pitre was fascinated with the most challenging and difficult of all the classical art forms to properly execute "Surrealism". With this powerful vehicle he created entire imagined worlds completely from his mind, evoking emotion and response in his viewers more so than with any other medium.

In his quest to know how things worked and to expand his visions for the arts he explored as much of our planet as he could, diving with some of the earliest scuba gear and learning to fly every type of aircraft available to him. Utilizing this early foundation Pitre also became a prolific inventor holding patents in many fields. His thorough study of human anatomy in the arts gave him the insight to create some of the world's most advanced and respected exercise equipment. Some of his other creations include devices for generating electricity from the movement of waves and currents in the sea, a more versatile paint for artists and an aircraft design that he has personally built and flown.

Pitre has recently turned most of his efforts from creative invention back to the fine arts producing the series of limited edition mixed media graphics found in these pages.

Pitre, Compassion



Pitre, Explorers



Pitre, Temptations of a False God


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