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  Dana Queen has a love for nature that has forever found expression through her art. Inspired by the tropical seas of Hawaii and the South Pacific, Dana Queen paints an Environment filled with an aesthetic charm both above and below the turquoise water. Dana's desire is to capture those magical moments in Nature that can be so fleeting. Her ability to do so is what has established her as an Internationally collected Artist. Dana states," To travel the earth and see, is a gift. To travel the earth and learn, is knowledge. To travel the earth and Paint, is a dream come true." Through many years of painting along side renown surrealist, John Pitre, who himself studied at the world famous Art Student League in New York, Dana developed the Classical Old Masters technique of oil painting. "The intent of my art is to raise the spiritual consciousness of the world to the beauty of our planet. "To know her is to accept her sincerity without question. The beauty she sees all around her transmits onto canvas is mirrored by the beauty within her soul. She loves nature, dolphins, the beauty of our planet, and wants nothing more than to play as large a part as she possibly can in it's preservation.  Queen, Companion


Queen, Rose


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