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W. Richard Stiers is an award-winning designer from the Northwest. His career includes animation and commercial art; industrial design; and development of products such as sports equipment, toys, and architectural building materials. Since 1982 he has made his home on Maui and established himself as a leading jewelry designer and sculptor, including the original "ROYAL TRIPLE CROWN" surfing trophy and corporate monumental commissions.

In his love for the sea, Richard reflects the love of life and fluid movement that is displayed in many marine mammals. His work is inspired by the spirit of our wonderful sea life. The sheer joy and delight of these creatures are captured in his unique jewelry and sculptures. Special attention is given to detail without losing either the essence of the movement of the animal. Each sculpture is meticulously handcrafted in bronze, with the detail and power presented in a combination of beautiful patinas, accented with polished bronze highlights.

Of special interest are Richard's patinas. Many of his developments are, quite literally, on the cutting edge of current technology and some have become the predominant techniques for the industry. He is always involved in new patinas to set his work apart.

His work also incorporates unusual placement and cantilevered effects to create the illusion that these creatures are magically suspended. To achieve this he integrates his knowledge of engineering and metals with skills in fine art.

Mr. Stiers has received numerous acknowledgements for his works. He was the featured sculptor in five Marine Art Expos. His work is displayed in the Cousteau Society, Los Angeles Headquarters, and is in the private collection of Jean Michel Cousteau. Additionally, he was invited to display his entire collection in Paris at the Cousteau Parc Oceanique. Many celebrities and international corporate officers include his work in their collections, including Dow Corning. His monumental work has been acquired by the Four Seasons Hotel Corporation; Biotech, Snow Inn; with ongoing monumental works in progress.

Mr. Stiers is honored to be considered an Artist Member in both the American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA) and the Society of Animal Artists (SAA), and has been the recipient of the AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, the highest international award from the SAA, as well as had his work included in the National Museum Tour. Additionally, his work was selected for the most respected exhibition of contemporary marine art held anywhere in the world, the Mystic International Exhibition, Of submittals by over 5,000 internationally acclaimed artists, only 100 works were chosen to comprise the exhibition, and of these 100 works, Mr. Stiers was honored to have been awarded the MEDAL OF EXCELLENCE as "outstanding examples of creativity, insight and integrity in marine art"

 Richard Stiers, Soaring and Calf II



Richard Stiers, Ballet II



Richard Stiers, Bon Appetit



Richard Stiers, Morning Dance II


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