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   Steve Turnbull was born in 1964 west of the Cascade mountains in Washington State. Washington's west side is noted for lush forests, long uninterrupted shorelines and vast mountain ranges hosting a diverse and abundant range of wildlife, on both land and sea.

Steve's formal training was in graphic design at the University of Washington where he obtained his Bachelor degree in Fine Arts. Steve's diverse training has taken him to the island of Maui, where his talent was first identified and nourished by his uncle, Master Sculptor, Bruce Turnbull.

Steve Turnbull's sculpture flows in harmony with nature. He strives to enhance our environment by capturing the natural beauty within the medium, bringing form to life. Whether symbolizing the flight of an eagle or the power of a moving tide, Steve hopes to enrich the viewers' lives with his art. "I am inspired by what I see in nature and try to capture that perfection, never pretending to have the power to create the exact scene or object. My art is simple, clean, beautiful and true to what I believe in."

Steve works with wood, stone and bronze. He subtracts elements within the medium to bring form to life, often leaving portions of the piece in their natural state. Steve has found that sun-cured driftwood that is weathered and shaped by nature lends to his unique style. Patrons have become accustomed to the warmth projected by each Turnbull original. Combining these elements, Steve blends his skilled hands with nature's own creative instinct.

Turnbull, Ocean Ballet


Turnbull, Aloha Dance


Turnbull, Gazelles


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