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Jacquie Vaux's paintings begin with a deep love of wildlife. "I represent the  animals I paint as truly as possible, I catch the individual personality in a particular  moment." 

Ms. Vaux was raised in the Seattle area but now resides in a wooded area of the  Pacific Northwest and has maintained the natural habitat of the area keeping it  wildlife friendly. She grew up with a keen appreciation of the natural world around  her. "I always have lived in woodsy places and my grandmother encouraged my love  of painting." 

Both Jacquie and her husband, Jim, enjoy photo outings. They have traveled many  places in the world to obtain some of the photos jacquie uses for her paintings,  including an African safari. This African adventure was to be a life changing  experience for Jacquie. Her paintings of African wildlife are among the most  appreciated by her collectors. 

On average, she works 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Her painting schedule is  planned for months in advance. When a special order is received, she fits it in,  usually by Working longer hours.  

Each painting begins with several thumbnail Sketches. After the composition is  decided upon she begins the painting. Jacquie works in several mediums Acrylic,  Gouache or Transparent Watercolors. Whatever medium she chooses for a  particular painting Jacquie uses a "dry brush" technique. Working from dark to  light, she begins painting details. She also works on Belgian linen stretched over a  wood panel, using acrylics. For larger paintings, Jacquie uses Arches cold press  1114 lb paper 40" x 60" or Lanaquaqrelle 1000lb. watercolor paper which is  available in 10 yd. rolls, 51" wide. 

Since 1974 Ms. Vaux has had over 50 of her original paintings reproduced into  limited edition prints; nearly all have sold out. Recently Jacquie has published l0  new giclee prints on canvas and paper. 'These new prints have been very well  received. 

Jacquie Vaux, White Tiger Face


Jacquie Vaux, Black & white Cat


Jacquie Vaux, Wolf Face


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