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Laurence Harcourt (Jay) Wright has spent much of his life working with his hands, channeling the inspiration he derives from art and nature into his own charismatic creations. Jay has applied this approach to many aspects of his multifaceted life, whether delicately sculpting the likeness of an ancient goddess out of bronze, or recreating the passion of a Chopin concerto on the piano, or choosing grapes from a Napa Valley vineyard to cultivate a fine wine. For Jay, much of the exhilaration of interpreting and creating beauty comes through his sensual approach to the artistic process. 

Jay was exposed to natural beauty and art at an early age. Born in Marin County, Jay moved at age three with his family to Sedona, AZ. There, he grew up surrounded by vibrant and majestic red rock formations, as well as an array of highly artistic and talented individuals. In fact, Jayıs first home in Sedona had been that of internationally acclaimed artist Max Ernst-undoubtedly an influence on Jayıs chosen path. Jayıs parents, recognizing Jayıs early penchant for creating with his hands, enrolled him in a sculpture class where Jay experienced the gratification of shaping clay into artistic works. Around this time, he was also introduced to classical piano and composition, a discipline he soon mastered and still practices today. When Jay was 13, his family moved from Sedona to Calistoga in the Napa Valley. Jay spent nearly a decade working in cellars, vineyards and labs of local wineries. Even today, he keeps a well-stocked wine cellar at the family ranch in the  hills above Calistoga. 

As he entered adulthood, Jay went on to sample life is palette. In college, he studied a variety of fields, including art, engineering, sociology, viticulture and music. After graduation, Jay traveled around the world on merchant vessels as part of a marine engineer training program. During his merchant journeys to the majestic ruins of greater Italy and Greece, Jay had the good fortune to be exposed to the works of the masters. The artist recalls many occasions in which he became so absorbed in these exquisite works, he nearly missed the ship's departure. Jay, also a talented craftsman, eventually returned to the California coast where he developed a successful business as a general contractor. At the same time, he came to terms with his passion for sculpture, and began to seriously pursue his art. 

Today, Jay works exclusively in bronze, with subjects ranging from mythical marine creatures to animated, piano-playing hands frozen at a key point in a score. Jay's works are currently being shown in exclusive galleries throughout the Pacific Coast and Southwest. When not working at his studio in Soquel, CA, Jay enjoys traveling in his continuing quest to seek out and portray the universal sensuality of art and beauty.

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