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Douglas Wylie holding "Surface to Air" bronze Limited Edition
  Douglas Wylie was born in the Canadian prairie city of Edmonton, Alberta in 1952. His early environmental orientation was far from the shoreline. In 1958 his family moved to a California town close to the more rugged Monterey Bay coastline. He became aware of the oceans power as well as its sensitive balance. Doug earned a B.A. and credential to teach art from CSU Sacramento, which he then taught at a local high school. Doug also trained and performed as a dancer with Sacramento's Capitol City Ballet. His career in fine art began in ceramics, and in 1978 he started a successful business exploring the use of marine life as a subject for his work. "Clayfish Ceramics" was formed through Doug's union in marriage to musician, Lori Guillen who later became the business manager in 1981. The business flourished with the popularly of his whales tail mug, still found in gift shops at museums, zoos, and aquariums throughout the country. Doug eventually submerged himself in Hawaiian waters with The Center For Whale Studies to better study his subjects. A closer, physical affinity has brought forth Wylie Sculpture, designs now finely cast in bronze. Galleries near and as far as France, Japan, and Singapore display his more recent marine compositions. Doug and Lori Wylie donate four months of their lives each winter to The Center For Whale Studies' research project. The Wylies uproot their children, Dene, Doug, and Devon, and move them to Maui for the "whale season"
Douglas Wylie, Petit Jete
Douglas Wylie, Quest for Tomorrow
Douglas Wylie, Sleek and Silent


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